Why 'Quirky Forest'?

Oct 21 / Laura Apolo

Well, the answer is simple.

In a forest you can find magic, wonder and awe. Yet in it's mystical beauty you will also find shadows. It's the perfect metaphor for a place to learn how to feel good about yourself.

Finding your way in an imperfect world as an imperfect human is not always easy and sometimes we get lost. I wanted a space for people to learn to feel good about themselves, with simple, enjoyable courses so help them find their way again.
The space we've created at QuirkyForest.com is a little like me, quirky and somewhat unconventional.  We've created it because needing help isn't something we all feel comfortable asking for. Sometimes, I just want a quiet space to figure it out for myself, and that's what this is. A place you can come to for some ideas, inspiration and information, so you can figure stuff out.

You see, a few years ago, I got myself so lost, I started feeling hopeless, wondering why I even signed up for this whole human experience thing. It's a dark place to be when hope is lost. In that darkness, I discovered art journaling which went on to become a guiding light in finding a way out of the mess my life had become. You see, through journaling, specifically mixed media art journaling, I learned how to trust myself, and once I started trusting myself my life changed in the most amazing ways.

On our site, you will find courses that show you the various ways I used to learn how to trust myself.  

My belief is that this is a life of discovery and that we come here to have a human experience so we can work things out. This means when we're faced with situations, we don't always know what to do -  even when we think we know, we don't always get it right. In fact most of the time we're just guessing our way through everything. We all do it, some are better at it than others but we're all here just fiddling and fumbling as we figure stuff out. Sometimes we surprise ourselves, other times we're disappointed but overall it's a mostly good experience.

Throughout the years, there's going to be a number of times where you find your life isn't what you want it to be, and that's okay. It's all part of the human experience.

It's true that it's scary to feel like you don't know what you're doing, especially if it feels like you're stuck but if you can learn to trust yourself you will find your way.

There have been many dark times in my life, with situations I found myself in that I had no idea how to deal with, so I know how overwhelming it can feel to face them, especially if you're not able to trust in yourself. However, being scared and not knowing doesn't mean you haven't got what it takes to find your way. You have got what it takes, you simply need to find it within you.

To find your way, means you need to be able to trust in yourself. If you've foind that your life has too many obstacles or gaps, it's a sure sign that it's tie for you to grow your trust. Whilst growing can be painful, it doesn't have to be. If you embrace it creatively, growing can be wonderfully transformational and rewarding.

Our goal is to encourage and support you to develop your trust in yourself and try looking at your life through a creative lens. Our courses show you how you can have fun and feel good about yourself, as you explore, question and get curious about your feelings, and use creative courage to foster your own wellbeing.

Enjoy our site!
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