4 day program

At Home Retreat

If you need a break but can't get away then get set for a luxurious staycation. With this easy to follow program, you'll be able to enjoy a most wonderfully replenishing retreat, at home.

Four days of gorgeously rejuvenating, playful and relaxing activities you can enjoy in your own home.

Includes easy to follow recipes for deliciously decadent snacks and treats, as well as instructions on how to make your own spa-luscious facial masques, using ingredients you probably already have at home.
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What's included?

4 day program

  • Yummilicious recipe booklet
  • 8+ Beauty Masque recipes
  • Meditations and more

Everything you need to know

Set yourself up to enjoy a richly replenishing retreat in your own home.
  • Soul food recipes and ideas
  • Spa-luscious facials and scrubs to make
  • Playful and creative activities to enjoy
  • Wonderfully relaxing exercises

All the planning is done for you!

Any time, all budgets

With this easy to follow program, you'll enjoy a range of activities designed to help you relax, unwind and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Whatever your age, whatever your fitness level, and whatever your budget, there's something for you to enjoy, on your own or with a friend.
This easy to follow 4-day program shows you how to set yourself up with everything you need to enjoy a wonderfully soul replenishing retreat at home.
Staycations have never been better
Playful and creative activities to enjoy
Spa-luscious facials and scrubs to make

Take a break and set yourself up for a luxurious staycation


Laura Apolo

Learning how to relax and enjoy doing not much hasn't come easily to me. However, after 20 years of determined resistance, I've now learned to create and embrace opportunities to replenish and renew my inner-beingness. This at-home-retreat is a collection of my favourite activities to reconnect and recover the best of myself. 

Patrick Jones - Course author
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