Joy and Wonder

This course is filled with wonderfully simple ways to create joy and wonder in your life. Everyday for 20 days you will be invited to enjoy a simple activity that helps you keep your wellbeing priorities front of mind - to get back to feeling good again. 

If self care is important to yo
u, these daily reminders offer simple ways to help you make it a priority, as you bring brightness into your wellbeing in just a few minutes each day.

to discover lots of delightful ways to wash away the grey from your day.

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This course is about helping you to find a healthy work/life balance. It's great because it let's you continue to focus on being productive yet still fit in ways of taking care of your wellbeing. It's loaded with little activities and practices that you can quietly enjoy throughout the day, without interrupting your flow. 

If you are ready to bring your busy mind back into synergy with the things you like about yourself, then this course is for you. Your input is as little as a few minutes at a time, so it feels like a treat to yourself every day.

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