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Tarot Path:
Live Online Sessions

Expand your learning of The Tarot by joining in with our LIVE sessions. You'll get hands on practice in applying your skills, as you build your confidence. You get ask  live questions and share expertise as you have fun exploring with your Tarot deck.

You get 6 months access to the 60 minute LIVE sessions, so you can join in as we explore the Tarot from various perspectives.

There are 12 topics, we cover 2 each month.  Each topic is an organic perspective from which to view and explore the Tarot. This means that no two sessions are ever the same.
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Why join us?

24 x 1 hour LIVE online sessions
2 sessions per month
12 months access


Throughout these LIVE ONLINE sessions, we enjoy diving into the Tarot from different perspectives.  We look at the Major Arcana, the Minor Arcana, each of the Suits, and much, much more. Each 6 months we cover 12 different topics, exploring 2 each month.  With 12 months access, you'll get to enjoy up to 24 sessions!

You can join in at any session, there are no prerequisites, no need to have attended previous sessions, or to have completed any of the learning in our Tarot courses.

Simply join up and jump in!

Rather than being a structured lesson, these sessions are organically based on the topic, which means the content is adapted to be relevant to you, and no two  sessions are the same.

It's almost like having your own guided tour of the Tarot.
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Session times

All sessions are planned in advance, and plenty of notice is given so you can schedule your time.

Here is an example of international times for the current schedule. If your location is not listed, click here to go to the time zone converter.

24 Sessions over 12 months. Join us!

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